Test campaigns optimization
Automate and relax

Dedicated to all sizes field + lab test & validation teams of Equipment Vendors, MNOs and Handset Manufacturers.

Your daily partner

our test solution (viSer™ virtual user bot + SynchroviSer™ PC suite + VWS™ viewer) reproduces recurrent end user actions as well as random operations in order to simplify validation, evaluation and regression testing operations.

What you get

automated data retrieval fully focused on the end user experience from the Mobile point of view.

Your concrete benefits

  • More time to focus on hot topics The bot is making all essential -and more- actions at your place

  • More trustable results Test sequences are machine-processed avoiding lack of attention due to a work overloaded context

  • Extra KPIs Unlimited virtual users actions operating in ATAWAD (Any Time Any Where Any Device) contexts are parallelized to produce a full sets of real situations