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SmartViser signs a contract with MobiWire

SmartViser signs a contract with MobiWire and becomes the referent expert and provider of automated testing solution of the french manufacturer. SmartViser continues to conquer key leaders of mobile telephony market by signing a contract with the French manufacturer MobiWire.

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Back on 2 years of success

SmartViser celebrates its 2nd anniversary! Young company with competitive edge succeeding in the global marketplace. French start-up SmartViser celebrates its 2nd year anniversary as it continues its booming growth with great success.

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SmartViser and Widrive team up

SmartViser, the reference of automated testing solutions for smartphones, tablets and networks teams up with Widrive, the logistic specialist for wireless testing operations.

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Smartviser recruits 5 engineers

Smartviser, fast-growing company recruits. Smartviser, nearly 2 year-old continues its development and innovation of testing solutions for smartphones, tablets and networks. With a fast growing turnover for 2016 and high demand, Smartviser accelerates its recruitment plan.

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Smartviser is distributed in South America with Mots

Smartviser is pleased to announce its business development in South America thanks to Mots, Mobile Testing Services. Mots, the Mexican services company becomes the exclusive distributor of Smartvisers’ solutions from Mexico to Chile.

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